CBD tobacco substitutes in packaged formats

CBD tobacco substitutes are also in high demand.

They are differentiating products that can appeal to a variety of customers and meet different needs. If you choose to distribute CBD tobacco substitutes, you need to be careful about the choice of products you make.
All substitutes must respect the legal THC level in Europe (less than or equal to 0.3% THC). CBD levels must be clearly displayed, or upon request for analysis.
The CBD substitutes offered by Deli Hemp benefit from its rigorous analyses, which will enable you to market all our CBD products in a professional and serene manner.
Deli Hemp offers high quality CBD tobacco substitutes, packaged in airtight doy packs, and the substitutes are all delivered in the same completely airtight bags which allows for excellent preservation of the substitute, controlling its moisture content. Selling quality substitutes is only possible if you choose the right packaging, which will best preserve your product.
Deli Hemp is committed to the best possible packaging that respects the flower and the CBD extractions.