CBD concentrates in packaged formats

CBD concentrates are much more in demand than one might think.

These products work very well with a more knowledgeable clientele, who are looking for another way to consume CBD. If you choose to market CBD concentrates, you must be extra vigilant about the product you are offering.
All concentrates must respect the legal THC content in Europe (less than or equal to 0.3% THC). As for CBD levels, they must be clearly displayed, or upon request for analysis.
The CBD concentrates offered by Deli Hemp benefit from its rigorous analyses, which will allow you to market the CBD flower or extractions in a professional and serene manner.
Deli Hemp offers high quality French CBD concentrates, packaged in a small hermetic box. Selling CBD concentrate is only possible if you choose quality CBD Waxx, CBD Crumble and CBD Shatter.
Deli Hemp is committed to the best possible packaging, respectful of the CBD flower and extractions.