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Hemp Capsules : New formula infused with hemp oil

French hemp capsule food supplement

Discover our latest hemp-based capsules, offering benefits for relaxation and a feeling of calm.

Each bottle contains 40 capsules, formulated to help you achieve optimum relaxation and peace of mind. Enjoy the soothing properties of hemp in a convenient format for your everyday life.

Directions for use:

Take 2 capsules daily, to be swallowed with a glass of water between meals, ideally in the morning or at midday, for an optimal experience. If you prefer to start slowly, you can begin with 1 capsule a day until the end of the box, then adjust according to your needs and how you feel.

What are the effects of hemp capsules ?

Immerse yourself in the exceptional benefits of our hemp capsules, designed to offer you an experience of well-being. Known for its soothing and regenerative properties, hemp is a natural source of essential nutrients such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as beneficial vitamins and minerals. By making our hemp capsules part of your daily routine, you can enjoy a multitude of health benefits. They are renowned for their ability to reduce stress and anxiety, promoting deep relaxation and restful sleep. What's more, hemp's soothing properties can help relieve muscle pain, improving your mobility and comfort.

Are hemp capsules laboratory-tested?

Our hemp capsules undergo rigorous laboratory testing to ensure their superior quality and compliance with the strictest standards. Each capsule is carefully crafted in France to the highest manufacturing standards, guaranteeing purity and efficacy. We are proud to provide detailed analysis to our CBD retailers, so that they can offer their customers products of the highest quality. Our commitment to transparency and quality ensures the satisfaction and peace of mind of our customers and partners. Trust our hemp capsules for a natural and authentic wellness experience, made with care in France.

What are your recommendations for use?

For best results, we recommend taking two capsules a day, preferably with a glass of water, outside of mealtimes, either in the morning or at midday. This dosage ensures that the nutrients contained in the capsules are effectively absorbed, guaranteeing optimal results for your general well-being.

However, we understand that everyone has different needs. That's why it's also possible to start with a more gradual approach. You can start with just one capsule a day and see how your body reacts.

Once you feel comfortable, you can increase the dose to two capsules a day. This approach allows you to gradually familiarise yourself with the effects of the capsules and determine the dosage that suits you best.

Why choose hemp capsules? Discover the key ingredients!

Discover the essential ingredients that make our hemp capsules a must for your well-being:

Soft Gel capsules for optimum absorption: Easy to swallow and digest, our capsules ensure effective release of the active ingredients, for fast, long-lasting results.

Hemp oil, your natural ally: Carefully extracted from the hemp plant, our oil is rich in nutrients that are beneficial to your well-being. With no harmful additives, it offers a natural, organic solution for your everyday life.

Vegan and THC-free: Designed to fit in with your lifestyle, our capsules are 100% vegan and generally contain no THC, so you can enjoy all the benefits of hemp with complete peace of mind. Choose our hemp capsules and discover total relaxation, without compromising on quality or effectiveness.

What are the delivery times for your Hemp capsules?

For delivery of your bulk orders of hemp oil capsules :

Chronopost : Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours for fast and efficient receipt.
Colissimo : Standard delivery estimated at 2 to 5 working days for a more economical and planned option.
GLS: Receipt of your parcels in just 24 to 48 hours, ensuring secure shipment and accurate tracking.

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