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Discover the Powerful Intensity of 200mg of DELTA-9

Delta 9 Concentrate with Red Fruits: An Explosion of Flavour, 100% Made in France.

Delta 9 Concentrate, with 200mg of DELTA-9 per bottle, is the perfect option for cannabinoid enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. At a recommended dose of 50 mg a day, this delicious strawberry-flavoured concentrate offers exceptional relaxation. Before use, shake the bottle for more intensity. Distributed by Deli Hemp, this concentrate is the perfect choice for a moment of serenity and general well-being .

DELTA 9 Concentrate: Red fruit flavour exclusive to Deli Hemp!

Discover the power of Delta 9 in our exceptional concentrates!

What advice do you have for the ideal use of Deli Hemp's Delta 9 concentrate?

The first and most important thing is to follow the recommended dosage. Delta 9 concentrate is a powerful compound, so it must be used responsibly. The general advice is to start with a lower dosage and gradually increase according to individual tolerance and the effect felt. Although the optimum dosage varies from one individual to another, it is generally recommended not to exceed 50 mg per day. This amount is generally sufficient to feel the powerful effects of the concentrate without causing undesirable side-effects.

Secondly, it is essential to remember that the effects of Delta 9 concentrate may take some time to become apparent. It is therefore advisable not to increase the dosage immediately if the desired effects are not felt instantly. Patience is essential when dealing with such powerful compounds. What's more, while Delta 9 concentrate can be consumed directly, it can also be mixed with various drinks for those who find the taste too strong. Whether it's your morning coffee, a smoothie or even a glass of water, mixing the concentrate can make it more pleasant to consume without diminishing its powerful effect.

What are the best storage conditions for maintaining the quality of Delta 9 concentrate?

To preserve the exceptional quality of Delta 9 concentrate, proper storage is essential. Keep the bottle in a cool, dry place away from direct light. This will help to keep the ingredients fresh and prevent any spoilage. Be sure to reseal the bottle tightly after each use, which not only preserves the quality of the product but also ensures optimum shelf life.

How does Deli Hemp's Delta 9 concentrate help promote relaxation and well-being?

Delta 9 red fruit concentrate is an innovative product that combines the power of Delta 9 with the healthy properties of red fruit. Delta 9 , an active cannabinoid in cannabis, is renowned for its potential benefits. The combination of this compound with the naturalantioxidants and vitamins found in red berries makes this concentrate a valuable addition to a balanced diet and lifestyle.

One of the potential effects of Delta 9 red fruit concentrate is relaxation, but can also promote a sense of calm and relaxation. In addition, the sweetness and natural flavour of red fruit can enhance this calming effect, making the concentrate not only beneficial but also enjoyable to consume.

Can you guarantee fast delivery, and what are the standard lead times for orders?

We offer various delivery options by working with trusted carriers. Choose between Chronopost for fast delivery within 24 hours, Colissimo with delivery times generally between 2 and 5 days, and GLS for flexible deliveries of 1 to 5 days. Opt for GLS and, if your order is validated before midday, you can even benefit from express delivery within 24 hours. All details of specific timescales are clearly indicated during your order process, ensuring total transparency for you, our valued customers.

What flavours are currently available for Deli Hemp Delta 9 concentrate ?

Deli Hemp Delta 9 concentrate is currently available in flavours such as strawberry and mint. These flavours have been meticulously chosen to offer a delectable sensory experience while preserving the distinctive power of DELTA-9. Our team is constantly exploring exciting new flavours that could further enrich your experience, so stay tuned for our latest creations to brighten up your tasting experience.

Concentré Delta 9 - Fruits rouges

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