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Discover Sniffy Energie Boost - Mint: A breath of freshness

Energising products in bulk: Sniffy Energie Boost your quality Energy Ally

Imagine yourself transported to a world where the freshness of mint meets the dynamism of energy. Sniffy Energie Boost - Mint is your ultimate ally for tackling busy days with vigour and determination.

For our retailers, this exclusive product represents an incomparable opportunity to offer their customers a top-quality product designed to meet their needs for energy and vitality. Whether it's to energise their working day, boost their productivity or maintain their concentration, Sniffy is an undeniable added value to their product catalogue.

What are the active ingredients in the Sniffy Energie Boost - Mint formula?

Sniffy Energie Boost - Mint is a revolutionary product in the field of energy boosters, offering a superior quality energising powder with a minty freshness. This innovative formula contains a synergy of active ingredients specially selected to provide an optimal energy boost.

Arginine, which promotes blood circulation, combines with caffeine and taurine, acting as natural stimulants to increase alertness and wakefulness.

Creatine and beta-alanine help provide muscle energy, while L-citrulline encourages the production of nitric oxide, improving endurance.

Maltodextrin ensures a rapid supply of glucose, providing an immediate energy boost. This unique combination of ingredients makes Sniffy Energy Boost - Mint the ideal choice for those looking for a quick and effective energy boost with a refreshing hint of mint.

What's included in the Sniffy Energie Boost - Mint pack and what is the recommended method of consumption?

To take full advantage of the energising benefits of Sniffy Energie Boost - Mint, follow these simple steps. Inside each can, you'll find a straw specially designed for optimal use.

Gently open the box to reveal the straw included in the packaging.

Hold the straw between your fingers, ready to be used forinhalation.

At one end of the straw, you'll find an opening. Gently place this end close to your nostril.

Take a slow, gentle inhalation through your nose through the straw. Let the freshness and vitality of the mint wash over you.

Repeat this process as required, taking care not to exceed the recommended dose of 2g per day.

Each tin of Sniffy Energie Boost - Mint contains 1g of energy powder, so you can easily control your daily intake. With this simple and convenient method, you can easily incorporate Sniffy into your routine for sustained energy throughout the day.

Are there any other flavours available for Sniffy Energie Boost, apart from mint?

Yes, in addition to mint, Sniffy Energie Boost is also available in a range of flavours, including strawberry, passion fruit, lime and plain. These different options allow consumers to choose the one that best suits their taste preferences and energy needs.

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