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Critical Kush is a strain of cannabis known for its powerful effects and high potency. It is a hybrid of Critical Mass and OG Ku
Critical Kush - Petites têtes en intérieur.


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Discover Deli Hemp's Critical Small Bud Indoor CBD Flower, a variety of high-quality hemp flowers that offer better value for money and faster use. These small, calibrated flowers are ready to use and offer you the same variety and quality as the larger flowers. By selecting the Fleur cbd critique small bud indoor, you can be sure of enjoying consistent, reliable quality from a variety that has been carefully grown indoors. Each bud is carefully selected to guarantee the best CBD levels and beneficial effects.

Discover the exceptional Critical CBD Indoor from 0.28€/g to meet demand with remarkable quality!


Discover our latest arrival, Critical Kush Small Bud Indoor, an exceptional CBD flower offering a unique experience. Grown indoors to strict standards, this variety guarantees superior quality, with THC levels always below the percentage permitted by European legislation. The small flowers, concentrated in cannabinoids, offer fruity and lemony nuances, mixed with earthy and sweet notes, for an incomparable flavour experience.

What are the characteristics of Critical small bud Indoor?

The Critical Kush variety of cannabis flower stands out from other hemp strains thanks to its exceptional taste, which is one of its most notable characteristics. Its olfactory profile is frequently praised for its refined combination of distinctive notes, creating captivating nuances. The rich, distinctive flavours of Critical Kush go beyond simply adding pleasure to the consumer experience; they significantly elevate the overall sensory dimension of consuming this variety of hemp. What's more, its distinctive fragrance, infused with earthy, woody, piney and musky aromas, enhances its appeal, offering an exceptional olfactory experience.

Do our CBD small bud flowers meet legal standards?

Our commitment to excellence starts with the legal compliance of our small bud CBD flowers. As a retailer, you can rest assured that every gram of our product has been thoroughly tested, ensuring not only that the THC limits are respected, but also that each batch is of unrivalled purity and quality.

We understand the importance of providing your customers with legal, safe products of the highest quality. By choosing to work with us, you're opting for a product offering that meets the highest standards, helping to build your customers' confidence and positioning your business as a benchmark in the growing CBD market.

How do deliveries of our CBD small bud flowers work?

We offer several options to meet your specific needs. Standard delivery, usually between 2 and 5 days, is a reliable option for those who prefer flexibility. However, if you need your products more quickly, our partnership with Chronopost allows express deliveries within 24 hours. What's more, our team is committed to processing your orders within 24 to 48 hours, guaranteeing rapid dispatch.

As a retailer, you can have complete confidence in the reliability of our delivery services. Your products will arrive in perfect condition and on time, boosting customer satisfaction and consolidating your reputation in the marketplace. Working with reliable delivery services is at the heart of our commitment to an exceptional customer experience.

How to store critical small bud indoor?

Store in an airtight container: Place buds in an airtight container to minimise exposure to air and moisture, preserving flavour and potency.

Away from Light: Keep the container away from direct light, as light can degrade the cannabinoids and alter the quality of the flower.

Cool, Dark Place: Choose a cool, dark place for storage to maintain a stable temperature, preventing premature degradation.

Humidity Control: Ensure that the humidity level remains optimal, generally between 55% and 63%, to prevent the development of mould and preserve the texture of the buds.

Avoid Temperature Changes: Minimise temperature variations, as sudden changes can cause condensation inside the container, which is not ideal.

Critical small bud indoor

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