CBD Flower - White Widow
White widow petite bud en intérieur.



CBD Flower: White Widow small bud Indoor

Originating in Italy, White Widow Small Bud contains delicate nuances that create a unique sensory experience. Produced from meticulously controlled indoor crops, White Widow Small Bud offers an incomparable CBD experience. The compact, trichome-rich sprouts of this renowned variety are carefully selected to ensure optimum quality.

We offer this CBD flower at the unbeatable price of €0.28/g, with a CBD content of between 5% and 10%.

  • Packaging: Available from 3G to kilos, all CBD flower packaging can be customised!
  • Flavours: Fruity and spicy
  • Growing: Indoor

CBD flower: White Widow small bud indoor

Discover the excellence of our White Widow Indoor, a CBD variety grown with care indoors, guaranteeing exceptional quality with every bud. Our indoor growing process ensures optimum control of the environment, providing ideal conditions throughout the plant's life cycle. The result: dense buds bursting with 5% cannabidiol, offering a unique aromatic experience.

This harmonious variety subtly blends fruity and spicy nuances, underlined by citrus notes, for an unrivalled experience. With a perfect balance of flavour and potency, our White Widow Indoor is a quality choice for CBD retailers looking for a high-end, reliable product that meets the expectations of the most demanding consumers.

What levels of CBD and THC are present in your CBD flowers?

Our Indoor CBD flowers, in particular our White Widow batch, are carefully selected to guarantee optimal levels of cannabidiol (CBD), while keeping tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) levels below 0.3%. This rigour in the choice of our varieties makes Deli Hemp the ideal partner for CBD retailers who want to offer products that fully comply with current legislation.

We understand the importance of transparency in the CBD industry. That's why every batch of our White Widow has been rigorously laboratory tested, and we can provide detailed analysis. By offering your customers products whose quality is guaranteed by laboratory testing, you are building confidence in your business.

Offer your customers reliable, legal products of exceptional quality. Our White Widow Indoor, with its characteristic density, not only offers a unique sensory experience, but also meets the strictest standards in terms of regulatory compliance. Make Deli Hemp your trusted partner in offering your customers a range of premium CBD products.

What makes White Widow small bud Indoor different from other strains on the market?

Deli Hemp's CBD flowers, particularly White Widow grown indoors, stand out for their exceptional quality, offering CBD retailers a product of choice to present to their customers. These buds are distinguished by the remarkable density of their buds, guaranteeing a terpene-rich experience. As a retailer, you have the opportunity to showcase this iconic variety such as White Widow small bud, allowing your customers to immerse themselves in a unique sensory experience.

Deli Hemp's indoor cultivation ensures meticulous control of the environment, promoting optimal growing conditions. The result is top-quality buds rich in cannabidiol (CBD), with a CBD content of around 5%. White Widow, with its subtle blend of fruity and spicy aromas, enhanced by citrus notes, offers an exceptional palette.

By offering strains like White Widow Small Bud Indoor, you can not only satisfy the discerning palates of your customers, but also enhance your company's reputation in the competitive CBD market. Offer your customers an unrivalled CBD experience and position yourself as a trusted distributor, showcasing products of exceptional quality.

What are the delivery times for CBD flowers at Deli Hemp?

At Deli Hemp, we are committed to providing you with a fast and reliable delivery experience for your quality CBD flowers. Our standard delivery times vary between 2 and 5 days, depending on your choice of carrier when you place your order. For those looking for an ultra-fast option, we also offer 24-hour express delivery with Chronopost, ensuring your products reach your door quickly. Thanks to our extensive stocks, we are able to respond promptly to your supply needs, ensuring efficient dispatch. Choose Deli Hemp for fast, punctual CBD flower delivery you can trust.

What packaging is available for CBD flower retailers?

We offer flexible packaging for CBD flowers, with the option of personalising doypacks and labels according to your company's preferences. This customisation allows you to create a unique brand image, adapt quickly to market trends and build trust with your customers by providing transparent product information.

In addition, we offer white-label doypacks to give you the opportunity to market quality products under your own name, without the need to design your own packaging. In short, our customisable packaging options offer flexibility, visibility and adaptability, strengthening your position in the CBD market.

How do I select the optimum method of CBD flower consumption to maximise the effects?

To maximise the benefits of CBD flowers, you need to choose the right method of consumption. Deli Hemp's Indoor varieties are renowned for their exceptional quality. CBD retailers can advise their customers on these options, ensuring a personalised experience. Explore our range to offer expert advice and maximise customer satisfaction.

White Widow - Small bud Indoor

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