Gummies muscimole mushroom Amanita

Gummies - Muscimole Amanita - 5mg


Gummies - Muscimole Amanita l 5mg

Discover our gummies with muscimole, a premium quality product specially designed for CBD retailers who want to offer their customers exceptional products. With our precise dosage of 5 mg muscimole, meticulously extracted from fly agaric, each gummie reflects our commitment to excellence. Exclusively available from trusted CBD retailers, our gummies offer a distinctive alternative, devoid of CBD and THC, but rich in the natural benefits of mushrooms.

White label and personalisation available!

Packaging :

  • Pack of 2 units - 5mg
  • Bulk pack of 100 units - 5mg

What are Muscimole 5mg Gummies?

Rainbow Fruits Muscimole 5mg Gummies are gummy candies specially formulated to provide a controlled experience of muscimole, a natural compound found in certain mushrooms. Each gummy contains a precise dose of 5mg of muscimole, guaranteeing regulated and predictable consumption. These gummies are designed to meet the needs of consumers looking to explore this substance in a discreet and practical way. What's more, they offer a mix of fruity-tart tropical flavours and come in a variety of shapes.

What is the legality of our Gummies Muscimole 5mg products?

Our Gummies Muscimole 5mg products are developed and marketed in compliance with current regulations. We are committed to complying with all applicable laws and standards, thus guaranteeing the legality and safety of our products. Muscimole 5mg Gummies are intended for strictly legal use and are available for purchase in specialist shops and on reputable online platforms. We pride ourselves on providing high quality products that meet legal requirements and offer a controlled and regulated experience to our customers.

How should I use Rainbow Fruits Muscimole 5mg Gummies?

For optimum use of Muscimole 5mg Gummies, it is recommended that you take just one gummy at a time. After taking a gummy, it is advisable to wait at least 1? hours before assessing how it feels and deciding whether to eat another gummy. It's vital to stick to the recommended dosages to ensure a safe and controlled experience. This approach allows consumers to better understand the sensations of gummies and adapt their consumption accordingly.

What are the benefits of Muscimole 5mg Gummies?

Rainbow Fruits Muscimole 5mg Gummies offer a number of benefits to consumers looking for a regulated experience. Firstly, they allow precise dose management, which is essential for controlled consumption of muscimole. What's more, their gelled format makes them practical and easy to carry around, offering a discreet solution for those wishing to explore new mushroom gummies! Finally, their superior quality guarantees an optimal and safe experience for users.

What are the delivery times for Muscimole 5mg Gummies?

We understand the importance of speed and reliability when it comes to the delivery of our products. That's why we offer several delivery options to meet your specific needs. If you opt for Chronopost, you can benefit from delivery in just 24 hours. For those who place their order before midday, GLS also offers fast 24-hour shipping. If the order is placed after midday, delivery can take up to 5 days. Whichever carrier you choose, our aim is to provide you with an exceptional customer experience, with fast and efficient delivery of your Muscimole 5mg Gummies.

Gummies - Muscimol

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