Discover total relaxation with the quality Amnesia Classic HDH Cartridge!

Immerse yourself in a sea of relaxation and well-being with our HDH Amnesia Classic Cartridge. Designed to offer an experience of absolute relaxation, our HDH Amnesia Classic Cartridge transports you to a state of deep tranquillity, allowing you to escape stress completely. What's more, we offer discounted prices for bulk purchases, ideal for retailers looking to offer their customers a quality relaxation experience at a great price. Treat yourself and your customers to the luxury of relaxation with our HDH Amnesia Classic Cartridge.

Discover the powerful effects of the HDH Amnesia Classic cartridge

If you're wondering about the effects of our Cartridge HDH Amnesia Classic, prepare to be amazed by the sensations it can give you.

Unrivalled power for deep relaxation

Our HDH Amnesia Classic Cartridgesare renowned for their exceptional potency. This potency is the result of a meticulous blend of different cannabinoids, creating a unique experience reminiscent of the intense effects of THCP.

Each inhalation of our Cartridge HDH Amnesia Classic takes you into a state of deep relaxation. You'll quickly feel tension and stress melt away, replaced by a gentle sensation of well-being. What's more, our Cartridges offer natural relief for a variety of needs, whether it's relaxing after a long day, calming your mind before bed, or soothing body aches.

Experience the difference with our bulk discount prices

We also offer bulk discounts, ideal for retailers who want to offer their customers a quality relaxation experience at a great price.

Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and tranquillity with every puff of our Cartridge HDH Amnesia Classic. Turn your everyday life into an experience of well-being and relaxation, and feel the difference from the very first inhalation.

As a distributor, do you offer white label or customisation options for HDH products?

As a trusted distributor, we offer a unique opportunity to resellers with our white label option for HDH products. You can customise your own range with a minimum of 10 products, allowing each reseller to create a distinctive brand image. This flexibility allows you to showcase your business identity while offering premium quality products to your customers. Explore customisation with our white label to strengthen your presence in the CBD market and offer a unique experience to your customers.

Customisation of our HDH products is also available to meet the specific needs of your business. Simply get in touch with one of our dedicated sales representatives, who will help you set up a customisation programme tailored to your brand image. This simple approach will enable you to offer unique products to your customers while benefiting from the quality and power of our HDH products. Choose customisation to stand out from the crowd and offer your customers a distinctive experience.

What are the delivery times for your HDH Amnesia cartridges?

Take advantage of the speed and reliability of GLS for delivery, in just 24 to 48 hours. Their efficient service ensures that your order reaches you quickly, without any compromise on quality. Real-time traceability makes GLS the ideal partner for a smooth delivery experience.

Opt for Colissimo and receive your order in 2 to 5 working days. This solution offers optimum flexibility without sacrificing quality. Benefit from extensive national coverage for delivery direct to your door or to your nearest post office.

When every minute counts, choose Chronopost for express delivery within 24 hours. Designed specifically for urgent needs, this option provides a fast and efficient solution, guaranteeing the arrival of your products in the shortest possible time with assurance and security.

For professionals based in the inner suburbs of Paris, our exclusive courier service provides 24-hour delivery direct to your business. Choose this personalised option to meet the high expectations of professionals who need to receive their orders quickly and directly. With these varied logistics solutions, we are committed to offering you delivery options tailored to your needs.


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