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Escale Marocaine: A Range of Exquisite Flavours

Discover an explosion of exotic flavours with Escale Marocaine tea

Immerse yourself in the world of Escale Marocaine, a treasure trove of tastes and scents. This product is a celebration of Moroccan flavours, delicately blending the sweetness of mint, the heat of cumin and the freshness of coriander. Each 100g portion is an invitation to a gustatory journey, where traditional Moroccan spices blend with the quality and elegance of French cuisine.

With our white label option, Escale Marocaine can be transformed to match your brand identity. Offer your customers an unforgettable taste experience, rich in flavour and authenticity, under your company's name.


Explore the uniqueness of our Escale Marocaine tea, a delicate infusion made from hemp leaves. Immerse yourself in a sensory experience where natural aromas blend in a fruity symphony, creating a drink that is both soothing and deliciously fragrant. The freshness of hemp leaves combined with our carefully selected ingredients creates a unique taste experience, awakening your senses with every taste

What are the origins of our Escale Marocaine hemp tea ?

Origins of "Escale Marocaine" Hemp Tea

Escale Marocaine" tea with hemp is a French creation, designed to combine the tradition of tea with the aromatic richness of Morocco. In this unique infusion, the distinctive flavours of Moroccan mint are harmoniously combined with the soothing sweetness of hemp. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its quality and origin, guaranteeing an authentic and rich taste experience. The marriage of these ingredients reflects French know-how dedicated to the creation of exceptional teas, rooted in respect for tea-making traditions and innovation.

What are the characteristics of our Moroccan Escale tea with hemp ?

Characteristics of Escale Marocaine Tea with Hemp

Immerse yourself in asensory experienceRefined with ourteaMoroccan stopoverWith hemp, hemp tea, an expert composition of flavours that awaken the taste buds in an exceptional way. The carefully selected hemp leaves blend harmoniously to create an infusion of exceptional finesse. The natural aromas unfold in a fruity symphony, offering a subtle harmony with every sip.

The essence of ourMoroccan stopoverLies in the perfect balance between the notesMintyAndbenefits of hemp, creating a beverage that goes beyond simple tasting to become a real pleasureexperience. Discover the richness of each nuance, from thedelicate fragranceTo the depths of theflavours, this makes our Moroccan Hemp Escale tea a sophisticated choice for connoisseurs in search of the perfect blendexceptional drink. By choosing our Elixir tea, you are opting for an invitation to the world of teataste journey, where each cup tells the storycaptivatingFrench terroirs and the hemp tradition.

OurMoroccan Escale TeaIs composed of : Gunpowder Green Tea, organic peppermint

How to use our Moroccan Escale tea with hemp ?

Best use of Moroccan Escale tea with hemp

Maximise the tasting experience with ourteaMoroccan stopoverWith hempBy following these simple steps, which are designed to provideoptimal qualityTo your customers:

Preparing the water: Advise your customers to heat the water to the recommended temperature for tea (ideally between 80°C and 95°C) to ensure the best possible flavourperfect infusion.

Infusion: Suggest that they place a bag of ourteaMoroccan stopoverIn their favourite cup or teapot, then pour the hot water over the teabag. The recommended brewing time is generally between 3 and 5 minutes to fully release the flavours.

TastingOnce the infusion is complete, encourage them to gently remove the sachet and enjoy the flavourfruity Elixir tea with hemp. Invite them to take the time to appreciate the fruity notes and subtle richness of this infusion.

Customisation (optional): Inform them that they cancustomiseTheir experience by addingingredientsSuch as honey, lemon or other flavours according to their individual preferences.

Repeat: Highlight the versatility of ourteaMoroccan stopoverWith hempAnd encourage them to enjoy this drink at any time of day, whether it's to relax after a busy day or to accompany social occasions.

What other hemp-based products can you find on Deli Hemp professionnel ?

Other Hemp Products Available at Deli Hemp Professionnel

In addition to our famousEscale Marocaine teas, we are delighted to offer you a varied selection includingcosmeticshemp flowersAndresinsOf exceptional quality.

Explore ourcosmeticsDesigned to captureThe natural benefits of hemp,Offering your customersexperienceUnique beauty. Dive into innovation with our vapes, a modern alternative for those in search of a sophisticated way to enjoy the qualities of the most beautiful productsSoothing properties of hemp.

What packaging options are available for our Escale Marocaine tea?

Packaging options for "Escale Marocaine" Tea

Our 'Escale Marocaine' hemp tea comes in a practical, elegant format, specially designed to preserve the freshness and distinctive flavour of each ingredient. Each 100g bag is carefully packaged to ensure the best possible taste experience. When you choose Deli Hemp, you're choosing a product that combines convenience with exceptional quality.

For those looking for a personalised touch, we offer the possibility of ordering this tea under a white label. This means that you can resell our "Escale Marocaine" tea under your own brand name, offering a unique opportunity to differentiate yourself in the market. This option is ideal for shops, cafés and businesses looking to expand their product range with a distinctive offering. For this white label option, we require a minimum order of 10 units, making this opportunity accessible even to small businesses.

At the same time, under the Deli Hemp brand, there are no restrictions on minimum order quantities. This allows our individual customers or small businesses to order exactly what they need, without worrying about excessive quantities. Whether you're a tea lover looking to explore new flavours or a small business looking to test the market, our 100g bags are an ideal option.

In short, whether you opt for the Deli Hemp brand or a white label, our "Escale Marocaine" tea is a promise of quality, exclusivity and flexibility, tailored to your every need.

What delivery options do we offer for our Moroccan Escale tea?

Delivery options for Escale Marocaine Tea

Deli Hemp offers a range of reliable shipping methods to ensure fast and efficient delivery of its products to customers. The brand is committed to providing a seamless shopping experience, which includes ensuring that the delivery process is smooth, fast and hassle-free. To achieve this, Deli Hemp has partnered with some of the most reliable and efficient courier services.

One of the shipping methods available for Deli Hemp is Colissimo, which delivers within 2-5 working days. This method offers a balance between speed and cost, making it a popular choice for customers who are not in a hurry but still want to receive their order within a reasonable time.

For those who need their orders as quickly as possible, Deli Hemp uses Chronopost 24H. As the name suggests, this service delivers within 24 hours, enabling customers to receive their items as quickly as possible. This service is particularly suitable for last-minute purchases or gifts.

Deli Hemp also caters for professionals in the Paris suburbs via a dedicated delivery service. This method adds a personalised touch, ensuring that orders are delivered quickly and safely straight to the customer's door.

Finally, Deli Hemp also uses the GLS service for shipping, which delivers within 1 to 3 days. This fast, reliable service is perfect for customers who want to receive their orders quickly but are not necessarily in a hurry.

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