CBD flowers and resins in conditioned formats

CBD flowers and resins (pollens, extractions...) are products very also requested.

These are successful products a very varied clientele. If we take the opportunity to market the flower, we must redouble our vigilance on the product we propose.

All flowers must respect THC rate legal in Europe (less than or equal to 0.3% THC). As for CBD rate they must be displayed clearly, or upon request for analysis.

CBD flowers proposed by Deli Hemp benefits from its rigorous analysis, which will allow you to be able to market CBD flower or extracts in a professional and serene way.

Deli Hemp offers high quality french resins, packaged in hermetic doy pack, and the flowers are all delivered in the same fully hermetic sachets, which allows an excellent conservation of the flower, controlling its humidity. Selling a quality flower is only possible if you choose a good packaging, which kept your product best.

Deli Hemp is committed to one of the best possible packagings, respectful of CBD’s flower and extractions.