The e-liquids and vapes / puffs

e-liquids to CBD have already attracted a large number of consumers, today the challenge is to offer a product close to the taste of CBD, and as natural as possible.

• You can opt for them puff deli hemp, sleek and simple design enjoying a maceration of natural CBD flowerswithout any chemical additives.

• E-liquids are used to recharge e-cigarettes, several percent are available according to the desires / or consumption habits of the customer. the cartridges are consumed with the deli pen, a steam pen specially designed for CBD.

This is a much more concentrated liquid (76)%de CBD) and tastes very similar to the flower of cannabis, declined in a variety of existing cannabis. The benefits of the Vapes offered by Deli Hemp and that there is no combustion and therefore less impact on consumer health.

CBD Vape and Puff - Professional Rates