Deli Hemp PRO Loyalty Program - Reap the rewards!

Because we love you and are grateful for your loyalty, we want to give you even more love and benefits for every euro spent at Deli Hemp. Let's go for the madness of well-being!

How it works ?

For each euro spent while shopping on our site, you collect 1 point.
The value of each point is 0.02 euro cents.

Example :
  • For a purchase of 500€, you collect 500 points.
  • 500 points x €0.02 = €10 discount.
Use of points?

When your order is received and validated, the corresponding points are automatically released in your customer account.

You can then convert them into a promo code from your PRO customer account to benefit from discounts on your next purchases.

How do I convert points into a promo code?
  • Go to your PRO customer area on our website.
  • In the "My Loyalty Points" section, you will see the total number of points you have accumulated.
  • Select the number of points you want to convert to a promo code.
  • Click the "Convert to promo code" button.
  • You will instantly receive a promo code with the corresponding value, which you can apply on your next order.

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