Discover our new THC-free CBD resin made in France!

0% THC resins for CBD retailers: Zero risk to your customers' licences

As a trusted CBD supplier, our commitment to legality and quality is reflected in our THC-free, hemp-derived resins. We are committed to offering legal cannabis products of unrivalled purity. Our range meets the most stringent requirements, guaranteeing a THC-free experience while complying with current legislation. At Deli Hemp , we offer an exclusive customisation and white-labelling service, reserved exclusively for our CBD retailers.

Discover our THC-free resins, the ultimate option for a legal hemp experience. With captivating flavours and varying concentrations of CBD, our resins offer perfect customisation. Take it easy behind the wheel with our THC-free resins, guaranteeing a relaxing experience without compromising your licence.

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