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Blunt Juicy Hemp Wraps

Blunt leaves in bulk: a range of premium flavours for our retailers!

25 packs, 2 blunt sheets per pack!

Dive into smoking excellence with our Juicy Hemp Wrap blunt sheets. Made from natural hemp, they offer superior quality for impeccable joints. Available in several exquisite flavours, offer your customers a diverse selection to satisfy every palate. Opt for excellence with Juicy Hemp Wrap blunt sheets, a benchmark in the world of professional smoking. Take advantage of our special discount prices for bulk orders, offering exceptional savings.

  • Natural composition
  • No artificial flavourings
  • Soft texture for easy rolling

Why choose Blunt Juicy Hemp Wraps?

Discover a whole new approach to smoking with Blunt Juicy Hemp Wraps, an innovative alternative to traditional tobacco. Made from natural hemp, these wraps offer a smooth, tobacco-free smoking experience, ideal for those looking for a more natural option . Plus, for those looking to explore the potential benefits of CBD, our blunt sheets offer the option to be used with CBD-containingsubstitutes. Whether you're a novice looking for a healthier alternative or a connoisseur looking to incorporate the potential benefits of CBD into your smoking routine, Blunt Juicy Hemp Wrap sheets are the perfect choice for a no-compromise smoking experience.

Blunt Juicy Hemp Wraps offer the perfect solution. Made from natural hemp, these tobacco and nicotine-free blunts offer a pure and delicious smoking experience. With a range of mouth-watering flavours, every puff is a fruity explosion of flavour. What's more, their natural composition and absence of artificial flavourings make them a respectful choice for the environment and your well-being. Opt for quality with Blunt Juicy Hemp Wraps and turn every session into an exceptional taste experience.

Blunt Juicy Hemp Wraps in different flavours

Discover a range of exquisite flavours with Blunt Juicy Hemp Wraps. Our partners can offer their customers a variety of choices, each adding a unique touch to their smoking sessions. Opt for the exotic with our Tropical flavour, be seduced by the fruity freshness of Manic (mango), or savour the purity of our Original (hemp). Dive into an explosion of flavours with Blue (blueberry), awaken your taste buds with Red Alert (red fruit), or let yourself be transported by the sweetness of Purple (grape). With Juicy Hemp Wrap blunt sheets, offer your customers an unforgettable sensory experience, whatever their flavour preferences.

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Feuilles de blunts - Juicy Hemp

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