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Forbidden Fruit - Deli-Pen Cartridge 65% CBD



Discover our varieties of Pen Cartridge CBD, We offer you to sell a product based on hemp without launching you in a complex production, White brand, existing brand or simply an identity creation. Our team is here to accompany you.

In order to guarantee the quality of our offer, Deli Hemp is very attentive to the design and production phases. From the cultivation of the hemp plant, to our laboratory, to the placing on the market of our products, we are involved in each of these steps to offer an offer to the height of our aspirations.

The Forbidden Fruit cartridge offers positive effects to reduce your stress and calm your mind.

The Forbidden Fruit variety originally comes from two strains that are Tangie and Cherry Pie, giving birth to the delicious variety that Forbidden Fruit has inherited a profile of terpenes which is almost a sin.

By choosing the cartridge Forbidden Fruit CBD you can discover mango or passion fruit notes. A quality product will have a sweet fragrance like candy and a sweet ochre taste with citrus notes.

You can discover with our cartridge Forbidden Fruit many benefits, especially to relieve stress and anxiety but also depression and insomnia. Our Forbidden Fruit cartridge will also be particularly effective for nausea relief. These benefits will act quickly and with great intensity, providing a constant feeling of physical lightness and stress removal.

This extraction made using the technique of supercritical CO2 is purified to remove the waxes, then it is mixed with the different terpenes composing the aromatic profile of the variety of the chosen plant.

Deli Hemp guarantees cartridges without dyes, without vegetable glycerin, without propylene glycol, without MCT oil or tobacco and nicotine. Of course, we guarantee products containing less than 0.1% THC, in accordance with existing French legislation. Each derivative therefore contains the same rate of CBD but terpenes change, making a difference of taste but also of actions on your body.


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