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Discover our CBD teas and infusions! We offer you to sell a hemp-based product without embarking on complex production, white label, existing brand or simply creating an identity. Our team is here to support you.

In order to guarantee the quality of our offer, Deli Hemp is very attentive to the design and to the different production phases. From the cultivation of the hemp plant, in our laboratory, to the marketing of our products, we are involved in each of these stages to offer an offer that meets our aspirations.

What is the Ayurvedic Detox Hemp herbal tea?

Discover the unique flavours of our Ayurvedic Hemp Detox herbal tea

Ayurvedic Detox Hemp Infusion is a perfect synergy between the ancestral principles of Ayurveda and the natural benefits of hemp. This drink, rich in flavour and virtues, is made from hemp flowers chosen for their ability to induce relaxation and improve sleep. It also incorporates Ayurvedic herbs such as camomile, lemon balm and liquorice, which aid digestion and contribute to a state of well-being. Each ingredient is selected for its detoxifying properties, helping the body to eliminate toxins and regain lightness and serenity.

Our organic infusion, with its balanced flavours of ginger and cinnamon, offers a unique moment of relaxation. Each cup is an invitation to travel, combining gentleness and effectiveness. By choosing our Ayurvedic Detox Hemp herbal tea, you're opting for a top-quality product with guaranteed traceability. Perfect for a detoxifying cure or for a moment's respite every day, this infusion is the ideal companion for revitalising your well-being.

How often can I drink Ayurvedic Detox with Hemp?

The daily benefits of Ayurvedic Hemp Detox herbal tea

To reap the full benefits of Ayurvedic Hemp Detox herbal tea, regular consumption is recommended. Ideal for establishing a daily routine of well-being, this infusion can be enjoyed once or twice a day.

In the morning, this infusion opens your day with a touch of serenity, gently stimulating your body to wake up. In the evening, it can potentially ease the transition to restful sleep.

Regularity is the key to benefiting from its sense of relaxation. Each cup becomes a wellness break in your day, promoting natural detoxification and a state of deep relaxation. With its carefully selected ingredients and rich flavour profile, Ayurvedic Detox Hemp herbal tea is more than just a drink, it's a health ritual you can incorporate into your daily routine for overall balance.

How can I use Ayurvedic Detox herbal tea?

Tips for optimal consumption of Ayurvedic Detox herbal tea

Optimise the taste experience of our Ayurvedic Detox herbal tea with hemp by following these simple steps, specially designed to guarantee exceptional quality for your customers:

Preparing the water: Advise your customers to heat the water to the ideal temperature for the infusion (ideally between 80°C and 95°C), to ensure optimal extraction of the aromas and benefits.

Infusion: Suggest they put a dose of our Ayurvedic Hemp Detox infusion in their favourite cup or teapot, before pouring the hot water over it. A recommended infusion time of 5 to 7 minutes is ideal to obtain a perfect balance of flavours and beneficial properties.

Tasting: After the infusion, invite them to remove the leaves or bag and enjoy the Ayurvedic Detox infusion. Encourage them to take a moment to appreciate the subtle nuances and complex notes of this unique drink.

Customisation (optional): Let your customers know that they can personalise their experience by adding ingredients such as honey or lemon to enhance the taste, according to their personal preferences.

Repeat: Showcase the versatility of our Ayurvedic Hemp Detox infusion, perfect for any time of day. Whether you want to start the day with energy or take a break in the afternoon, this infusion is suitable for all occasions, offering a rich experience of flavour and well-being every time.

How do the delivery methods for our hemp products work?

Discover our fast and flexible delivery options

Our hemp products are shipped using a variety of delivery methods to ensure a fast and reliable service for our customers, wherever they may be. We understand that when you order a product, you want it in your hands as quickly as possible. That's why we've partnered with leading delivery service providers to get your items to you quickly and efficiently.

One of our main delivery methods is the Chronopost 24-hour express service. This service ensures that your items are dispatched and delivered within 24 hours of placing your order. This service is perfect for those who need their hemp products quickly

For those who don't need express delivery, we also offer the Colissimo service, which delivers your items within 2-5 working days. Although this is a standard delivery option, Colissimo is renowned for its reliability and efficiency, ensuring that your products reach you in excellent condition and on time.

For our business customers in the Paris suburbs, we offer an exclusive 24-hour courier service. We understand that businesses work to tight schedules and need their supplies on time. Our courier service ensures that your hemp products are delivered straight to your door within 24 hours of placing your order.

In conclusion, our range of delivery options has been designed with the diverse needs and locations of our customers in mind. Whether you want fast, express delivery or a more standard but reliable option, we've got you covered. Our commitment is to ensure that our high quality hemp products reach you quickly and safely, wherever and whenever you need them.

What are the key ingredients in our hemp infusion?

Natural ingredients and benefits of our Hemp Infusions

Our hemp infusion is a meticulously crafted blend of organic ingredients, each playing a crucial role in delivering a unique flavour profile and health benefits. The main ingredient in our concoction, hemp, is renowned for its rich nutritional content and health properties.

Spearmint, which accompanies hemp in our infusion, adds a refreshing touch while aiding digestion and reducing headaches. Cinnamon sticks are incorporated not only for their characteristic spicy, sweet flavour, but also for their antioxidant properties. Known for their bright colour and tangy flavour, hibiscus flowers add depth to the infusion while helping to lower blood pressure.

Liquorice root and ginger enhance the flavour of the infusion with their sweet and spicy notes respectively. Both are known for their exceptional medicinal properties, liquorice root being beneficial for the intestines and ginger offering anti-inflammatory benefits. Fennel seeds provide a sweet, liquorice-like flavour, while aiding digestion and reducing water retention.

Orange zest and the pungency of cloves are included in the infusion to add a touch of citrus and spiciness. Chamomile is added for a soothing note, known for its ability to relax and promote sleep. The infusion also contains pink pepper and cardamom, which not only give it an exotic flavour, but also health benefits.

All our ingredients are responsibly sourced, ensuring they are fully organic and free from artificial additives. We offer our hemp infusions in bulk, making them an ideal choice for businesses that want to offer their customers a unique and healthy beverage. Each sip of our hemp infusion promises a symphony of flavours, underpinned by the wide range of health benefits that each ingredient brings to the table.

Where does our Ayurvedic Detox herbal tea with hemp come from?

The origins of the Ayurvedic Detox herbal tea with hemp

Our Ayurvedic Detox with Hemp herbal tea is proudly produced in France, demonstrating our commitment to quality and excellence. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its purity and provenance, guaranteeing an authentic, high-quality taste experience. French manufacturing ensures not only clear traceability, but also compliance with strict safety and quality standards, giving consumers added confidence. We favour responsible and sustainable production methods, ensuring that each infusion bag contributes to the well-being of our customers while having a positive impact on the environment. By choosing our Ayurvedic Detox herbal tea, you are opting for a healthy, ethical and premium product, reflecting the excellence of French know-how in the field of hemp and natural herbal teas.

What packaging options do we offer for the Ayurvedic Detox Hemp infusion?

Various packaging solutions to meet your needs

Our Ayurvedic Hemp Detox herbal tea comes in a handy 100g format, ideal for fans of authentic, natural flavours. Sold under our renowned Deli Hemp brand, this infusion is the perfect choice for those looking to incorporate the benefits of hemp into their daily lives. We also offer a white label option, allowing companies to personalise this product with their own branding, an ideal opportunity to expand their product range and captivate their customers.

The minimum purchase for this premium infusion is 10 units, making it both affordable and convenient for professionals looking to offer their customers a unique experience. This careful packaging not only ensures freshness and preserves the delicate flavours of the infusion, but also represents added value for establishments wishing to distinguish themselves through the quality and originality of their offerings. Whether under the Deli Hemp brand or as a white label, our Ayurvedic Detox Hemp infusion is synonymous with quality and authenticity, offering an incomparable taste experience.

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