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Discover our CBD teas and infusions! We offer you to sell a product based on hemp without throwing you into a complex production, White brand, existing brand or simply an identity creation. Our team is here to accompany you.

In order to guarantee the quality of our offer, Deli Hemp is very attentive to the design and production phases. From the cultivation of the hemp plant, to our laboratory, to the placing on the market of our products, we are involved in each of these steps to offer an offer to the height of our aspirations.

What is Pura Vida Hemp Rooibos ?

Savour the Elegance of our Pura Vida Hemp Rooibos Infusion

Pura Vida Hemp Rooibos is a unique blend of rooibos, a naturally theine-free tea, and hemp flowers. Pura Vida tea offers a unique flavour profile, with the earthy tones of hemp flowers perfectly complementing the naturally sweet, slightly nutty flavour of Rooibos. The tea is infused with the raw goodness of hemp, resulting in a rich, full-bodied flavour that is sure to delight all tea lovers.

The aroma of Pura Vida Hemp Rooibos is just as enchanting as its taste, with the distinct scent of hemp flowers. The combination of these ingredients not only offers an aromatic experience, but also contributes to general well-being.

Perfect for drinking at any time of day, Pura Vida Rooibos can be enjoyed hot or cold, making it a versatile addition to your daily tea routine. Whether you're an experienced tea drinker or new to the world of speciality teas, Pura Vida Hemp Rooibos offers a unique and mouth-watering experience that marries the delicious flavours and aromas of rooibos and hemp.

Is it possible to consume Pura Vida with Hemp on a daily basis ?

Frequency of use of Pura Vida with Hemp

It's easy to make Pura Vida with Hemp part of your daily routine. This unique infusion combines the rich, earthy flavours of rooibos with the delicate sweetness of hemp stalks, creating an exceptional taste experience that is both refreshing and soothing.

The theine-free nature of rooibos makes it an ideal drink for any time of day. You can enjoy it in the morning for a gentle wake-up call, in the afternoon for a relaxing break or in the evening to help you unwind after a busy day. This flexibility makes Pura Vida a perfect option for those looking to fit moments of well-being into their busy schedules.

How to use Pura Vida Rooibos Infusion with Hemp ?

Preparation and Tasting of Pura Vida Rooibos with Hemp

To make the most of Infusion Rooibos Pura Vida with Hemp, here are a few tips on how to prepare and enjoy it:

Ideal quantity use one teaspoon of the infusion for each cup (about 250 ml of water). If you prefer a stronger flavour, you can increase the quantity slightly.

Water temperature the water should be hot but not boiling, ideally around 90°C. This allows the flavours of the rooibos and hemp to be extracted without burning the leaves, which could give the infusion a bitter taste.

Infusion time leave to infuse for 5 to 7 minutes. A shorter time will give a lighter infusion, while a longer time will intensify the flavours.

Tasting after brewing, remove the rooibos leaves and hemp. You can enjoy this infusion as it is to appreciate its natural flavours, or add a little honey or lemon to taste.

Moments of the Day pura Vida Rooibos with Hemp contains no theine, so it can be enjoyed at any time of day. In the morning, it offers a relaxing start to the day, while in the afternoon or evening, it helps you relax and can potentially contribute to a better preparation for sleep.

What modes of transport are available for Pura Vida ?

Delivery options for your Rooibos infusion

Deli Hemp offers a wide range of shipping methods to ensure fast and reliable delivery. To meet the different needs of its customers, Deli Hemp has adopted a strategic approach to its shipping methods, offering a varied set of options to ensure fast and efficient delivery.

The first delivery method offered by Deli Hemp is Colissimo, which promises delivery within 2 to 5 working days. This method of delivery combines speed and cost, and is a reliable delivery solution for customers who are not in a hurry. It's the perfect choice for those who value reliability and cost-effectiveness over speed.

Chronopost 24H is another fast and efficient shipping method. As the name suggests, this service guarantees delivery within 24 hours, making it an excellent option for customers who require immediate delivery. Deli Hemp understands the urgency of some orders and therefore offers this expedited shipping option to meet these demands.

For professionals living in the Paris suburbs, Deli Hemp offers a dedicated courier service. This ensures that business orders are delivered with the highest priority and care. It's a demonstration of Deli Hemp's commitment to meeting the needs of its diverse customer base with tailor-made solutions.

Finally, Deli Hemp also uses GLS for its deliveries, with a shipping time of 1 to 3 days. This is another reliable method that offers relatively short delivery times. This service further strengthens Pura Vida's commitment to offering versatile delivery solutions.

In conclusion, Deli Hemp's commitment to fast and reliable delivery is evident in its various shipping methods. Whether it's a standard order, a rush order or a business order from the Paris suburbs, Deli Hemp offers a suitable and efficient delivery option.

What are the key ingredients in Pura Vida Rooibos ?

Discover the components of Pura Vida Rooibos

Pura Vida Rooibos is a rich, flavoursome blend that harmoniously combines several natural ingredients. Each component adds its own unique touch to this delicious and comforting infusion.

Rooibos native to South Africa, rooibos is appreciated for its sweet, slightly fruity taste. It is also known for its moisturising properties and high antioxidant content.

Grape grape: Grapes add a slightly sweet, fruity note to the infusion. It is also appreciated for its refreshing qualities.

Elderberry elderberries give a subtly sweet, slightly tart flavour. They are often used to add a touch of natural freshness to drinks.

Strawberry, Raspberry, Redcurrant, Blackcurrant these red fruits bring an explosion of fruity and slightly acidic flavours, making each sip of Pura Vida Rooibos pleasantly refreshing.

Hemp stalks and flowers hemp: Hemp brings an earthy, slightly herbaceous dimension to the blend. It is also appreciated for its soothing qualities and potential relaxing effect.

All these ingredients are organically grown, ensuring superior quality and respect for the environment. The combination of these elements creates a unique tasting experience, offering a moment of gentle pleasure.

What packaging options are available for Pura Vida Rooibos ?

Variety of formats and customisations available

Our Pura Vida Rooibos is available in two distinct packaging forms, offering our customers the flexibility to choose according to their specific needs. For those who prefer our Deli Hemp brand, we offer the Rooibos in 100g sachets, allowing easy access and discovery of this product without the need to purchase large quantities. This option is ideal for customers wishing to try our tea or for personal use.

We also offer a white label option, perfectly suited to companies or retailers who wish to market our Pura Vida Rooibos under their own brand name. This alternative is particularly advantageous for those looking to expand their product range while maintaining superior quality. For this white label option, we require a minimum purchase of 10 units, which allows companies to manage their stocks efficiently while offering customisation to their customers.

In short, whether you opt for the Deli Hemp brand with no minimum purchase or for white-label personalisation with a minimum of 10 units, our Pura Vida Rooibos promises quality, flexibility and adaptability to best meet the needs of each customer.

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